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The Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program helps ensure that temporary disabilities don’t force people onto the streets, by providing emergency rent and by providing access to some of life’s most basic household and sanitary needs. In 2016, the program served 470 people.

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Who Qualifies:

The HEN program assists people who qualify through the Department of Social & Human Services and who have been determined to be temporarily unable to work due to a mental health or physical health issue. This program is for single individuals only.

What HEN Provides:

The program can provide support in the form of rent assistance, as well as personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. There are no cash benefits available.

Contact for HEN: Rachel Bayly: (360) 952-8212

The Guidelines will be updated to include the following:

Hotel/Motel Rental Agreements in Allowable Rent Assistance:
Grantees may use HEN funds to pay for rent per a rental agreement with hotel/motels for temporarily housing people who are homeless. The hotel/motel room should be considered a short term measure while a more permanent housing solution is identified. The cost should be close to the budgeted amount grantees determined for homeless rents.

Click on the link below to view the complete HEN guidelines:
Guidelines for Housing & Essential Needs Program

Documentation that must be provided by the client:

  • Rental Agreement
  • Lease
  • Certification from friend/family of a payment obligation
  • Pay/Vacate Notice
  • Eviction Notice
  • Certification from friend/family of potential eviction