“We are grateful to the staff—to Janice and Caroline—who always tried to keep things positive and always listened. I don’t know how many times we thanked them,” said Bryan.


Share ASPIRE—Achieving Self-sufficiency Personal Improvement and Resource Education—is a coordinated system for providing case management, housing and connection to supportive services in our community for homeless families and individuals.

Those eligible for ASPIRE include families, disabled individuals and honorably discharged veterans. Applicants must be homeless or at risk of homelessness at the time of application and contact the Housing Solutions Center to apply.

ASPIRE offers resource education for: employment training, family counseling, debt reduction, budgeting, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, counseling, mental health, education, parenting, life skills, childcare referral and transportation.

Homes for Transitional & Permanent Housing

The ASPIRE program also owns three homes to provide transitional and permanent housing for single individuals. One home serves single men, two serve single women and one serves Veterans.

For more information on Share’s Housing Programs, contact Dee Sanders, ASPIRE Program Director, at (360) 952-8214 or dsanders@sharevancouver.org.

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