Sharing Lives: Summer 2018 Edition

June, July & August = Summer Meals!

It’s summer time and that means our Summer Meals Program is kicking into high gear! Our program strives to provide fresh, nutritious meals that include fruit and vegetables so that children in our communities do not face hunger during the summer months.

“When children go hungry, their basic needs aren’t being met and then they can’t reach higher goals and aspirations,” said Katie Dwailebee, hunger response assistant director. “If children don’t have enough nutritious food, they not only suffer physically, but they also face a lifetime effort to move beyond that basic struggle to survive towards being able to thrive.

This year’s program will serve meals at 22 locations, including apartment complexes, local schools, Police Activities League (PAL) camps, Vancouver-Clark Parks & Recreation camps, as well as local churches and partner organizations.

All of the locations are open sites and all children ages 18 and under are welcome to come and enjoy a free meal even if they are not enrolled in the site’s program or camp. The program is part of the Simplified Summer Feeding Program, funded by the USDA. Visit for a complete list of site locations, dates and times during which meals will be served.

Download a PDF version of the Summer 2018 Edition of ‘Sharing Lives’ to read all the stories from this quarter