‘Sharing Lives’: Summer 2017 Edition

Changing Lives at Lincoln Place

Residents at Lincoln Place continue to make great strides during the first year in which the building has been open.

Alan Cooley came to reside at Lincoln Place April 7. He was working with Share outreach staff, Pam and Willie, for a few years prior to coming into our Housing First program. Alan had fallen prey to predators who knew when his weekly stipends would arrive. Being a vulnerable adult, it was easy for those predators to talk Alan into almost anything; including giving away all his money, his clothing, and various other resources.

Alan is no longer being taken advantage of and has a place to call home. He is most excited about having a stereo and throw rugs. He is beginning to nest and it’s a wonderful sight to behold.

Cori Thompson moved into Lincoln Place when Lincoln Place first opened. After experiencing years of homelessness, she was grateful to be housed. She progressed throughout the year being a good neighbor, working on ensuring she was going to the doctor to address her mental health issues and making plans for her future.

Confident about her progress, Cori met with Olivia Resnik, our Housing First Director, and told her she felt ready to take the next step towards total independence with her life. She asked to be moved from Lincoln Place into an apartment through the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) scattered site program for the chronically homeless, living independently, but with continued case management services.

Working with her case manager, Cori was approved and moved into her new home on April 17. Cori was very excited to move on to the next chapter in her life.

Lincoln Place’s is showing, each and every day, how the housing first program can truly transform the lives of people who had previously faced years of struggle.

Download a PDF version of the Summer 2017 Edition of ‘Sharing Lives’  to read all the stories from this quarter.