‘Sharing Lives’: Spring 2017 Edition

Don’t Take No For An Answer

Just one hiccup on life’s journey can have a lasting impact. Bryan, Amanda and their son, Isaiah, experienced this first-hand last year when Bryan was evicted.

At the time, Bryan (36) and Amanda (35) were separated. Both were, and today remain, employed, Bryan as a certified nursing assistant and Amanda is working for a temp agency. The couple reconciled and together had to face the consequences of an eviction on Bryan’s credit history.

This was the first time either had been homeless. They contacted the Council for the Homeless, but no shelter space was available, so they lived in hotels for a couple of months. In September, Bryan got a call that a room was open at Share Homestead.

“Living in a shelter alongside many other people was stressful for me, as I have anxiety issues, so I was grateful that my therapy dog, Phoebe, was able to live with us,” shared Bryan.

Bryan contacted numerous apartment complexes, but the search for a new home was not easy. Despite their ability to meet income requirements, the eviction was a blight on their record. “I exhausted myself making calls and was ready to give up.” Click here to read more about Bryan and Amanda.

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